About Me

I've been photographing the beauty of life ever since I can remember. I love capturing the good moments in life for us to look back on and remember. It brings encouragement, smiles, hope...

I am also a mother to two sweet little girls, Daisy and Lily. I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for a little less than a decade. We love adventuring through life together as a family! I love visiting coffee shops and reading. My favorite season is Fall, and it is one of my dreams to experience the beauty of Autumn in the North East!

"Life is like a camera. You focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negative, and if things don't work out - take another shot."


My Style

My personal style of photography is to catch life as it is. I will help my clients with poses and prompts, only to bring out the beauty and love that I so naturally see; but I also love candids. The special thing about catching an unsuspecting bride checking her make up, or the unwavering groom’s tears as he sees his bride for the first time on their big day, or the sweet hugs a mom enjoys with her child while walking to the next location are so special and what makes life so magical! All the unbridled emotions are so beautiful and deserve to be remembered forever. That is what makes photography so special to me!

"mama. wife. christian. photography. tea lattes. chocolate. flowers. country. gratitude. pink. smiles. laughter."

—Jessi J.



Sideth & David

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"Jessi was a great photographer! She made our day very special. Jessi captured moments that we will cherish forever. She was super easy to reach, very understanding, and passionate about her work. Jessi made me very comfortable in front of the camera, and I am not a photogenic person nor do I like taking pictures. There is not enough words to describe Jessi, she was so pleasant to be around and she made our day so much fun! If anyone is looking for a photographer for any occasion, Jessi will not disappoint!"

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